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Petco Comments

Creolecajundawg says: (4 years ago)
On Friday July 11, 2014 I stopped by to pick up my dog from the grooming salon and needed help in finding a good dog food. I spoke to a young man by the name of August. He gave me all the information I needed to make a choice for my loved animal. He took the time to explain to the best of his ability what Petco had to offer as well as the pros and cons of the products sold by his store. August served as an information center and left the final choice up to me in terms of deciding what was best for my dog's health.

Mishail1 says: (4 years ago)
Yesterday on March 30, I took my dogs to Petco to the vet and get them shots and I was so disappointed! This was the first and last time I will go! I took my 1 year old puppy and my 2 month old puppy. My 1 year old puppy doesn't get scared of shots till now, he got his Rabies shot, and the lady who gave him the shots wasn't doing it gently giving not only my dogs the shot but a whole lot more the lady was like stabbing them dogs are like kids and my baby got hurt badly when he was done he started to spin around in circles for 10 minutes I got so scared they even made him bleed, I am so angry at Petco! Sure you save a few dollars but I would rather go to a educated Veterinary hospital and spend $176 and have my dogs safe and sound then spend $133 and have them bleeding! Like I said my one year old puppy got a 3 year Rabies shot and on the paper they wrote 1 year! My 2 month puppy might have gotten a cat medicine, and when the lady wanted to check her weight she checked her own on a human scale then with my 2 month puppy! I am so angry I will never take them there anymore! Not only my puppies but all the other peoples dogs were bleeding so much! I recommended no one goes to Petco and go to the vet! The nurses there are clearly not certified! Go to a vet for you and your pets safety and be aware!

1972duck says: (4 years ago)
On Jan. 14th we took our 9-year-old English Bulldog for a bath only. She had no health issues at the time we dropped her off. Within 35-40 minutes from drop off time, Petco called and said we needed to pick Bella up, as she was having trouble breathing. We arrived at Petco within 5 minutes & took straight to vet, where Bella could not be revived. (She was not breathing when we arrived at Petco.) The necropsy results say that her lungs collapsed due to a lack of oxygen! She suffocated. Petco has refused to allow me to see the employee statements describing what happened and say that same are confidential due to possible litigation. I simply want to know what happened to my dog in the short time she was in Petco's care. If it is something that could be prevented, then I would ask Petco to train their staff accordingly or do not accept breeds that they cannot care for... i.e., determining the signs of respiratory distress. I just feel that I have been lied to again and again then pawned off to the insurance carrier who is rude and horrible!!! I haven't made a claim. I just want answers.
My dog suffered a preventable disgusting death due to either the lack of knowledge of respiratory distress in bulldogs or simple negligence of not paying attention to her due to being busy with too many other things. I have prayed and prayed. I hope the silver lining in this tragedy is that another bulldog does not die due to the inexperience or negligence of groomers. I miss my Bella every day. Research your groomers! When you check the pet in, ask groomer to described signs of respiratory distress. Ask for the protocol for same. If the groomer can't give you the same answer your vet would, don't leave your dog!!

angrycustomer90 says: (5 years ago)
I recently bought a twin tailed Betta from your store and I explicitly asked an employee if it could be kept in a community tank with other non-aggressive fish and he replied yes. Seeing the Betta swim in the store tank with 10 other guppies, I decided to believe him. I have been keeping a healthy community tank for about a year. Shortly after introducing the Betta to my tank, it had it's back fin torn. I isolated it for treatment immediately but it still died.
The Betta must have carried some sort of disease because soon afterwards, one of my platy fish died, as well as all three neon tetras. A day later my cory catfish died and my lyre-tail guppy is about to. Nearly my entire fish tank has been killed off. This has been an extremely depressing experience for me as I really enjoyed keeping fish. I am beyond disappointed with Petco and will NEVER be visiting their store again. Not only have I wasted time and money on their fish, I have been completely disheartened waking up each morning and seeing another dead fish stuck to the filter.
I strongly advise you to NEVER buy their products.

- Just another irate customer

artjunkie09 says: (5 years ago)
2 days ago i did a partial (about half) water change in my 10 gal betta tank. I earlier this evening checked the levels. Everything is as it should be and i was ready too put my betta back in. I've been wanting to add tank mates so i researched for bettas and decided to get ghost shrimp and spotted cories. I get fish from a locally owned pet store, but they close early so i decided to go to petco. I got there and found the fish i was needing. It took forever (15 minutes) to get help. A man came to help me and asked what size tank i had, what fish i currently had, how often i change the water and when my last water change was. Once i told him my last water change was 2 days prior he said, " You can't add fish for 4 days after a water change". I told him it was a partial water change and that all the levels are right and I'm ready to buy. He refused to sell them to me. I left feeling humiliated. While 4 days is optimal, most online forums agree 2 days of water acclimation and water testing is sufficient. He just didn't want to help me. I won't be going back for any of my pet needs (I have a dog, cat and fish. Your loss petco.)

screwPETCO says: (9 years ago)
i was employed in the petco grooming about 3 months ago. i quit due to another groomer abusing a 4 month old puppy. the management and owners were WELL AWARE and did absolutely nothing. i was employed at the reading, pa petco. the groomer who had hit the DAUSHOUND PUPPY's name was tony mccoy. DO NOT let this man near your dog.

Xtra says: (9 years ago)
I had a miniature poodle for 13 years. He went blind at age 6. I travel constantly and had to have the dog groomed all over the country. I took the dog to private groomers. Some were good, some were horrid. Sometimes the dog was shaking and petrified when I picked him up and the haircuts were often terrible. I heard most states, anyone can be a groomer without any license or training at all.
I started taking him to PetCo..all over the US and I have had excellent results. The dog is groomed exactly as I tell the groomer. The dog is calm and quiet when I pick him up. The management seems to make certain the groomers are somewhat qualified. I now have another poodle and he has been to PetCo's in 6 States without one tiny problem.

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