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Petco Reviews

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  • online service

    I've been doing a repeat delivery on dog food for about a year. Saturday I got my dog food and noticed my shipping invoice had a different price than what I was charged. I called their 1-877 where I was routed to the Phillipines. I talked to a lady who obviously did not know the first thing about the company. I explained the problem, she contradicted me and started to hang up. When I explained that that did not solve the issue, she had me send her a copy of the invoice, after 20 minutes on hold she came back and told me the overcharge was for shipping. Obviously she had NO clue that... More...
    Gilliansage's Picture   Gilliansage    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jerk Manager? James are you okay?

    The guy had literally one guy in his line and made me go to the girl with like 4 people in her line so he could hold a conversation? That's so lazy. Completely ignored me while employees were running around with their own stuff, and he was just holding a convo with a buddy. I know you should respect retail workers but he was just dumping all of the hard work on his employees! Was a total jerk a different time when I checked out like I killed his buddy. Less conversation and disrespecting your employees, and more working please LMAO More...
    dogluv223's Picture   dogluv223    0 Comments   Comments
  • Negative Trainer

    During training session my 12 week old puppy was humped by another older dog (twice) where she yelped and cried leaving her with a scratch across her stomach.  The trainer (Christine) said my puppy was fine and it wasn't hurting her. Also saying my puppy had to learn she wasn't the boss and that behavior was acceptable from the other dog.  I told the trainer I didn't think it was ok but instead of respecting my wishes she became negative saying things like, I would never get a handle on my dog. Trainer was also distracted by people outside of the training area,... More...
  • Hamster

    I purchased a baby hamster 3 months ago for my niece for Christmas at the PETCO in VIRGINIA BEACH on princess anne road and today it is DEAD. WHY?!?! At this point my niece is so distraught. Crying herself to sleep, doesn't want to go to school. So I go up to the store to see if there is anything they can do for me. surprisingly the store associate who sold me the hamster was there, her name is Lyndsey and she is SOOO nice and helpful. I ask her about hibernation for hamsters because Sky(the hamster) wasn't stiff, not cold to the bone, etc. So she's checking her out with me... More...
    shanamwhite's Picture   shanamwhite    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad trainers

    My only experience with a lead dog trainer at moscow idaho petco was horrible i have a dog with no tolerance for excited dogs and went to the store for help on the issues ive been having lots of money involved classes arnt cheap. But the trainer instead of helping me and my dog focused on the only other dog in the class worst trainer ever. If you are going to do dog classes at the moscow petco i highly suggest the other trainer she was able to give me advice on how to manage a low tolerance dog. More...
    Army2468's Picture   Army2468    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worse experience ever

    I went in to PetCo first time customer and for my first experience it was the worse. The associate working in the grooming department treated me so disrespectful with attitude and had no intention of helping me. I was told that I can take my dog to get her nails trimmed all I had to do was provide owners name, name of the dog and telephone number to call the veterinarian to verify her shots. The associate was telling me that they DON'T have the time to call the veterinarian and ask for the kind of information. First wrong to tell your customers that you don't have the time to help... More...
    Ealday13's Picture   Ealday13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Outraged!!

    This was outrageous! Product that caused my dog to suffer and you won't even refund my money. Manager pulled up my transaction with my petpals reward card, so I'm am livid with your company. A gift card doesn't pay the gas of a 38mile round trip to petco . doesn't cover cost of emergency vet, or even cone close to making up for the 2 hours of suffering. I can't believe this! I don't want this stupid card, as I don't want to shop at Petco ever again. For 2 hours my dog had a leas clip hooked into the underside of his pad on his front paw. It tore his pad,... More...
    PissedATPetco's Picture   PissedATPetco    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude Retail Clerk

    Visited Petco on Papermill Road, Reading Pa...went to check out & had a few questions regarding signs & sales in the store, since I couldn't find anyone on the sales floor to help.Associate Ray was about as rude as rude could be ! He clearly hates his job & people. I understand retail is difficult, especially around the holidays BUT Ray if you don't like people, go find another job, like grave digger !! Petco has lost another customer & I will be sure to spread the word. More...
    Violet01's Picture   Violet01    0 Comments   Comments
  • Spokane wa store

    I visited petcos Frances and division store in spokane Washington today, I will never go back. I was going to bring my dog to be groomed there, as I walked up to the grooming salon door two of your associates were smoking with the door open chatting to a groomer inside. I walked past with my 3 month old baby disgusted, When I entered the waiting room is smelled like stale smoke! Now un sure if I want to leave my dog there I asked if they had any opening for a bath (the girl there was sitting on her table with her cell phone), she got down from the table and told me they were booked until... More...
    Irishangel129's Picture   Irishangel129    0 Comments   Comments
  • Grooming located at Petco Charleston WV 25309

    I have 4 Dogs...2 small dogs under 15 lbs and 2 larger dogs wieghing about 80 lbs each. I had all the dogs groomed... 2 one week and 2 the next week. I was very satisfied with the grooming of the larger dogs and the price. My complaint is with the grooming of the smaller dogs. Very little hair was removed from my Maltese mix...the Poodle mix looked pretty...but their toenails were not cut and the hair was not removed from the Poodles inside ears. When I was given the bill I could not believe the cost. I was charged $7.50 for shampoo for each dog and I was charged a dematting fee... More...
    selrner12's Picture   selrner12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Grooming

    Took my puppy to get a puppy trim. I dropped him off @2:30pm and picked him up @5:30pm. I explained to the groomer that he was a seizure service dog and I really wanted him dealt with delicately and I had several specific details including; no monkey butt, wanted nails trimmed as close as possible, do the ears, anal glands, trim around eyes, private areas, and trim hair on paws. Ok, now let's start; when I pick him up, he is still pretty wet, not soaking but pretty damp, he is shivering like crazy, he is scared to death, and it looked like they had him in a crate with another puppy, I... More...
    gilcobra's Picture   gilcobra    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petco Grooming - misleading and mediocre

    I called ahead of time to get the cost of a full service groom for my Pomeranian. I was given the price of $55 and I felt that was very fair and made an appointment for the next day. When I get there I ask what the "standard" cut for a pom is and the lady explained what they would do and said they would normally just do the under layer and not a shave, like they would some other dogs. At no time in the conversation was I told this would be $20 extra (I later saw on my ticket). When I went to pick up my dog, I had to pay before I could even see her and approve of the cut... that... More...
    Btjohnson's Picture   Btjohnson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petco Tear Stain Remover burned my dogs eyes!

    I recently purchased tear stain remover for beneath my dogs eyes. After applying the my dogs eyes became increasingly more red, irritated, which led to open sores, and burn like lesions surrounding his entire eye area. I am a medical professional, and with care, and with select eye gels, and rinses was able to stop the burning, and avoid infection. Petco has responded to written concerns, and have forwarded me to what I assume is their legal department. My dog seems better, but the item as far as I know is still on the shelves, and I have not heard of any formal recalls? More...
    Allyboyz1's Picture   Allyboyz1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petco customer service/ online order experience

    Found an item online that was cheaper if ordered online than in the store itself. upon check out was prompted to create an account. kept telling me my email address was invalid. I tried three different email addresses and still got the same error message. Called customer service which is out sourced. The call lasted 45 minutes with no resolution. Later that day I ended up getting my order placed by somehow by passing the request to set up an online account. Also found hyper links on the website do not function. Received product in the mail today, damaged plastic cracked. Had to... More...
    Overit2015's Picture   Overit2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • They sell rats as food for snakes

    I was just at this Petco store with my son. We were looking at the cute rats, because our pet rats have recently died. Suddenly two teenage boys walked up with one of the associates. The associate removed a rat by the tail and asked the boys "how big is the head of your snake?". Needless to say that both my son and I were very upset by this. There are stickers on the enclosures of the animals saying that the animals are checked on each hour, because they come first. I don't see how Petco is putting the animals first by selling them as snake food. On their website, Petco talks... More...
    wembar's Picture   wembar    0 Comments   Comments
  • ASHLEY "you don't want to say'FUCK' when you see a Customer" FYI bad for business!!!

    I made an appointment at 1:PM for the next day on the phone, the person talking was okay and asked me to bring my pup's rabies document and confirmed the appointment. Next day i went to the salon located at 7050 US highway 19 North, Pinellas Park, FL,33781.There were 2 ladies inside but no one cared to smile, instead i saw one of the girl say 'fuck' when she saw me waiting, what a customer service, her name was ASHLEY who should be fired!! The other lady asked me for my ph number and said there wasn't any appointment booked. i called the same number to confirm if i... More...
    zzxxyy's Picture   zzxxyy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible experience

    My friend referred me to Petco at College Point in Queens New York for my pet grooming yesterday, my toy poodle of one year old was groomed unevenly, there are spots near her behind and legs. Her nails were not sharp but a little bit long, so I requested to have them cut short; as a result, her nails were not cut short but they made them so sharp that when my puppy was scratching my leg for me to pick her up, it left red marks and small cuts on my legs. I will never take her back to petco in College Point, Queens, New York. Terrible experience. More...
    Jimmy123's Picture   Jimmy123    1 Comments   Comments
  • extremely annoying

    Today I planned to take my eleven year old dog,Abby,to get her nails cut at the Petco in Auburn NY. But when I got there I was told to come back around 4:30, we live about 20 minutes away and with her being so old it is hard to get her in and out of a vehicle.I am extremely frustrated that I drove all the way there only to just turn around and come home, cutting a dog's nails takes 15 minutes at most. When Abby was a puppy she was hit by a car, taking her to Petco to get her nails cut is usually a better option than us trying to do it ourselves, but now I'm not so sure. More...
    afowl4's Picture   afowl4    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petco worse customer service and unbelievable prices online

    NEVER CALL THIS PLACE FOR ANYTHING!!!! WORSE COSTUMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECIEVED IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!! They are a group of incompetents. The store that I called was the one on 1280 Lexington Ave #3713, New York (212) 369-7903 NEVER BUY ANYTHING ONLINE OR ASK FOR A DELIVERY!!!! I bought a product to be delivered on the same day and it arrived the next day (late afternoon) The product was on their website for 24.99$ plus 12$ Delivery. They charged me over 100% more. ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING!!!!! I paid over the phone for the same product plus tax 51.16$ When I called the woman that I spoke to... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Mcdecaso's Picture   Mcdecaso    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bleak Existence

    Went to the Gloucester, MA Petco today to get dogfood. Happened by the ferret. Water bowl a foul soup of food and other detriment. Litter box full of feces. Looked like it hadnt been touched in days. Four, yes four, employees hanging around and gossiping. Go to pay and am not even acknowledged. Not once was my presence ever acknowledged in the store, nor was I ever offered help. Was checking out as a "ghost" and have to listen to a conversation among the employees about a dead puppy, while I give money for the priveledge of being there. What a nasty and customer inhospitable... More...
    IveHadIt36's Picture   IveHadIt36    0 Comments   Comments

    Why. Picture a wonderful, clean, flowing golden retriever, looking as though it could hit the pet shows and walk out with a few blue ribbons. The only problem, of course, is the hair is a bit on the long side. Four hours later, picture a shaved yellow lab. SHAVED. No luscious locks. Nothing remained. Thank you, inexperienced barber. I will look at my dog every, EVERY single day, for the next six months, with pangs of sympathy and anger, for his hair will not grow back for half a year. In a simple four hours, a half a year is gone. Why couldn't my schooling have been like this? This... More...
  • dead animals for sale

    While I was in the Grants Pass Oregon store I was horrified to discover a dead tarantula for sale. It was covered with crickets and a foot had already been eaten and it's abdomen was obviously ruptured. The manager defended her employee in charge and couldn't care less about a concerned customer. I was treated rudely and with no respect what so ever. I was later told the animal arrived dead in shipment. Please explain why it was for sale the same day? More...
    creepy's Picture   creepy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Puppy Training Class

    I enrolled my dog in classed at the mall of ga store and the trainer told me to tie my dog to the fridge and play with the other dog to make her earn her loving and then she told me to not feed my dog for two dogs to make her earn her food and she also stated that if she was driving through my neighborhood and my dog ran out in front of her car she would run over it and then sue me for her mental suffering, I called and informed the manager of the comments and that I would not be coming back and he stated that he was sorry and that he would get with the other manager to get half my money... More...
    bigcheponis's Picture   bigcheponis    0 Comments   Comments
  • My English Bulldog Died

    On Jan. 14th we took our 9-year-old English Bulldog for a bath only. She had no health issues at the time we dropped her off. Within 35-40 minutes from drop off time, Petco called and said we needed to pick Bella up, as she was having trouble breathing. We arrived at Petco within 5 minutes & took straight to vet, where Bella could not be revived. (She was not breathing when we arrived at Petco.) The necropsy results say that her lungs collapsed due to a lack of oxygen! She suffocated. Petco has refused to allow me to see the employee statements describing what happened and say that... More...
    1972duck's Picture   1972duck    1 Comments   Comments
  • Seigen Lane, Baton Rouge LA

    I went in to get my dogs nails cut. Since I have never been to petco for grooming services they needed proof of my dogs rabies vaccine. Which I have never heard of anyone else requiring this (I usually go to different vets or to petsmart to get my dogs nails cut). I had in my wallet my dogs ID cards which consists of a card with his picture on it from his normal vet for his microchip information... And I had a card from his vet with all of his vaccinations on it, but the card was one year old (I never received an updated card the previous year) ofcourse that wasn't good enough for them... More...
    BrayBray929's Picture   BrayBray929    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sick of sick animals

    Today I was at Petco in Brentwood, CA. I observed an employee give a seemingly healthy hamster to a customer from an enclosure with a sick animal that seemed to have wet-tail disease (It had a wet bottom and was shivering). In an adjacent enclosure I saw a hamster with both eyes infected and it was also housed with other animals. In San Francisco I often saw sick, dead, and badly injured animals of all types not getting the care they needed. I've even purchased animals just to nurse them back to health because I felt sorry for them. I don't understand why Petco is allowed to sell... More...
    kandjo's Picture   kandjo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor care of live animals

    I was in Petco today and I saw an employee sell a hamster from a cage with another animal that was sick with what seemed to be wet-tail disease (it had a wet abdomen and was shivering). When I tried to give advice to the prospective buyer about how to keep her animal healthy the employee cut me off and whisked the woman away to the check-out counter. In an adjacent cage there was another hamster with eye infections in both eyes and it was also being housed with seeming healthy animals. In the past I've bought animals from Petco that were sick if only to give them a loving home and... More...
    kandjo's Picture   kandjo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Groomer!

    I took my Old English Sheepdog puppy in to be groomed at 9am and stopped by to pick her up at 4pm, the groomer yelled at me %u201Cthat she%u2019s not ready%u201D in a very angry tone. I said ok I will come back. I went back an hour later the groomer was still very rude, also I told her I didn%u2019t want anything but a bath and brush only, no cut. Well the groomer cut her beautiful long ears all the way to the skin and a bunch of hair on her face. Not only did she cut it when I told her not to but it was so choppy and uneven that it looked like a two year cut her hair, and her eyes were... More...
    BrandiDiane's Picture   BrandiDiane    0 Comments   Comments
  • Advertised wrong Price & Renigged

    Store located In Auburn NY, Called and the lady told me a specific lizard I was looking to purchase was 50% off the next morning, drove 1/2 hour to store to purchase this lizard for my sons 10th birthday party and they denied trying to sell me a lizard with facial damage, I couldn't get a lizard for my son cause they were unwilling to follow through with the pricing they told me. NEVER SHOP there again!!!!!! Very dishonest just to get you in the door!!!!!!!! More...
    lpcp78's Picture   lpcp78    1 Comments   Comments
  • Petco Grooming

    I had gone to Petco to pick up some products for my cat and dog. I wanted to check out the cats in the adoption cages (highly respect Petco for allowing adoptions in their stores), while I was over by the cat cages, I could see through to the grooming room. I was a bit horrified by what I saw. The groomer was pulling on the dogs hair, I decided to continue watching. She then proceeded to shake the dog, I asked one of the workers "Is she hired by Petco?" and he told me "Yes" and was smiling at me when I said "Are you watching what she is doing to that dog? That is... More...
  • Petco expired products.

    Purchased Petromalt hairball relief on 8-15-2013 at Petco 3201 Bee Cave Road, Austin, Texas 78746. The expiration date is 5-31-2013. Cannot find anyone interested in refunding my credit card purchase amount of $12.99 plus 8.25 sales tax. Out of date products can be overlooked but there is a rather simple remedy and no one assocated with Petco seems to be interested in just refunding the money and I will go somewhere else that has up to date products. More...
    Amulhearn's Picture   Amulhearn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petco phone order

    I called Petco to place a order since the merchandise was a online order only. I absolutely could not understand the woman who answered my call and finally hung up after five minutes of repeating myself multiple times. We never made it to the pay portion of the call for my order. I called back five minutes later expecting to get a new sales rep but it was the same lady. Her Indian accent was so heavy I had to give my girlfriend the phone to finish our order due to I could not communicate with her. She sent our online receipt to a different email address other than what we gave her. Thus... More...
  • Horrible Grooming

    I am not one to complain for free services or any gain as, I find people like that disgusting. However, if you live in Cleveland Tennessee do not make the mistake of taking your animal to petco for grooming services!! Today I paid 88 dollars before seeing my dog's "trim". When they brought him out he looked pitiful and when I got home I looked at his belly and they had shaved his privates and both of his inner legs are razor burnt. Love petco as a retailer bu learned my lesson as far, as their grooming service is concerned. More...
    level11's Picture   level11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dangerous Petco Toy!!

    I purchased a Petco Flying Disk for my 7 month old puppy. Within 30 seconds of giving the dog this "frisbee"-type toy, he bit a substantial piece off the edge and swallowed it. This toy is made of flimsy plastic and is not safe to give to any dog who has TEETH!! Do not buy this product. It should be removed from the market. The Petco store from which I purchased this was non-responsive and told me to call "Customer Relations." I called and expressed concern about the safety of this toy. The rep with whom I spoke couldn't care less. Doesn't speak well... More...
    mezzo24's Picture   mezzo24    0 Comments   Comments
  • disgusted

    I drove 45 miles in the snow to petco in bellingham, wa. I was treated like a piece of crap at checkout by the cashier. you bet I got her name and employee #. I had a coupon code that she would not honor, bullied me, intimidated me, in front of a lady she seemed to be more interested in than I the customer, as you should have seen the look on her I appeared to be a a..hole and totally stupid even the look she gave me as she came out the store after I. I will never shop at petco, dead fish floating, the stock on hand was not there, waited for 20 minutes before I even saw a... More...
    1redtractor's Picture   1redtractor    0 Comments   Comments
  • sick conure

    A few weeks ago, I visited a nearby PetCo, and was overjoyed to find that they started to sell hand-fed sun conures. Unfortunately, I noticed that the only conure they had was obviously suffering big time from bird mites. To add on to that, she had almost no toys and her water was disgusting. Thinking that since she was new, her mites were a problem they were taking care of, I left only slightly concerned. Today, I returned to the same PetCo to find the same conure in a worsened state. Her mites had gotten so bad that she was no longer the inquisitive, friendly bird that I had met... More...
    Susannah96's Picture   Susannah96    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petco Bad Customer Service

    Nobody greeted me when I came in. Employees made eye contact with me but not once did ANY of them ask me if I need help. I had called to put my rat up for adoption, which Kim told me I could do. She failed to tell me on the phone what I needed to bring so I brought my rat in a travel cage, assuming they had a house for her. The employees looked at me like I should have known to bring her big cage, and I wasn't treated with respect, as customers should be treated. Horrible customer service, rude employees. I can assure you, I will never be coming back. More...
    aislinc's Picture   aislinc    1 Comments   Comments
  • $20 for next day shipping apparently means 3 days, and leads to fin rot

    So I ordered this product late Thursday night when I discovered that my fish's tail was breaking in hopes of preventing him from getting fin rot, I drop $20 on next day shipping figuring it would be processed Friday and be here Saturday. But apparently next day shipping really means 3 day shipping. And because of the delay my fish ended up actually getting the fin rot I was trying to prevent. I could have saved my $20 at this point and just paid the $6 for normal shipping or even go out and get it if I knew the service and shipping would be this horrible. And when I tried to confront... More...
    JustKay's Picture   JustKay    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible animal treatment

    took my 15lb dog to petco for a bath and trim. after over 3hrs when they didnt call, i called them. said he wasnt ready yet. told them i needed to get dog because i had company coming for dinner. when i went to pick dog up,they were brushing him out and the girl started yelling about him being a bad bad dog. the poor dog was shaking! she had his back leg pulled out and was ripping the fur off him, he was crying out. I asked her to be gentle and she continued to call him a rotten dog, bad dog ect. She then picked his back legs up off the tabel by his tail and raked the metal brush between... More...
    castey62's Picture   castey62    2 Comments   Comments
  • would not return an item/guniea pig starter set

    I went into a Petco on August 29,2012 to return a Petco brand guinea pig starter cage set. The assistant manager, Kelley, asked if the item was used and I told her "yes". Prior to returning the item I did call and talk to an employee and asked if I could return an item that I was not happy with, he said "yes". Kelley told me that I could not return the item even if it was defective and that next time I should speak with a manager and not an employee that answers the phone. I said that is not good enough and I would like a refund. She then said that since I opened the... More...
    BENJAMIN1's Picture   BENJAMIN1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petco Emolyee giving wrong advice on animal feeder and now animal is DEAD!!

    My husband went to Petco last Friday knowing that we were going to be out of town for 6 days and wanted to purchase the gold fish feeder that we have purchased for the past few years when we have left town. The regular feeder was out of stock and another feeder was recommended by the employee. Unfortunately, it was not a gold fish feeder and we were unaware of this as we went based off of the employees recommendation. Our gold fish, Sparkey, is now dead and died a horrible death. My 7 year old son won Sparkey at a carnival three years ago and he had grown from a one inch white carnival... More...
    KMCAULFIELD's Picture   KMCAULFIELD    1 Comments   Comments
  • petco leopard gecko

    I bought the leopard gecko trying to save it from these animal abusers. I am extremely mad at Petco and I refuse to buy anything from them again. Because of their lame tank (water dish with algae, 1 hide instead of 2, and 1 pathetic plant).My gecko died within 20 days, sad huh. The people at Petco say they are knowledgeable but don't know a thing. Anyone who agrees with me thumbs up. More...
  • Bad Customer service!!!!

    your online order customer service is unbelievable, Two weeks after my order placed and item was not even in the process of being shipped, your sales rep was telling me that i am calling too early since even though all orders should be shipped within 5-7 business days, and it was 2 weeks already, that i was inpatient on the delivery and that the product should be leaving wearehouse in two days. Well, a week later(3 weeks into this) the order status is still the same, nothing was shipped nor have I been notified of ANY DELAY OF ANY SORT. i remember last year when i tried to order something,... More...
    hmmm's Picture   hmmm    2 Comments   Comments
  • petco brooklyn ,ave u

    petco in brooklyn ny on ave U have the worst customer service ever!!!! they are a bunch of reps with no knowledge of their product line and they dont have a clue with their inventory!!! where is management how are they staff so inexperience !!!! I will be going back to Pet delight and their prices are cheaper More...
    sugamomma's Picture   sugamomma    0 Comments   Comments
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